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What The Rest of The World Thinks of America

I have to preface this with how America goes to help a country fight terrorist, destroys stability then empowers the enemy. Captain Joni Marques tells how she saw this first hand. This is why many of our allies don't trust us anymore.

This is a long one to watch so either play it while you walk around the block or just read the comments below. We have been duped for a long time by the elite Bilderbergers.

They trick us to believe there is an evil entity, not hard, there is evil everywhere. They give us a Republican who will go to war. Democrats hate war so we get one of those who like Obama, pull us out and leave the place to terrorist. The elite want a Communist NWO that has us starving and begging Nazis for a daily ration. ISIS is a convenient Nazi today.

Tina Marie
3 days ago
Veronica Valdepena From an American who's eyes have been opened. Our radical liberal party and cia are being exposed by pres trump.. We the people of America have been duped by elites that run our country. exposing the elites and nwo agenda is happening now in america. The elites are evil. please pray for the world against their evil doings and operations.
when criminals were being killed in the philippines by in-killing, you,obama accused our president of ejk.you don't even have a proof that all killings are state sonsored.but when you killed innocent people of other countries,you call it collateral damage.really? you really are the devil's advocate
asne maasim
9 months ago
Where ever the U.S. troops was, there's always a trouble. This is why our President Duterte wants to break ties with the U.S. military. What kind of humanitarian aid is that by the U.S., what happened in Iraq, Libya, Syria and now in Yemen?. The presence of American military in the Philippines makes Muslims and Christians separated fighting due to western propaganda.. What happened to Libya should not happen in the Philippines. American leaders should stop their manipulation of other countries

Simba B
9 months ago
Wow, US condemning Gaddafi for 'supposedly' human rights violation and killings of his people, yet the US bombing killed more civilians, especially small children, than Gaddafi did. Just look at the pain of a parent carrying his dead child. Just look at the children crying and telling Obama and other Countries to leave Libya alone. The US and biased media had blindsided everyone. Now Libya is ruined. It was a thriving Country under Gaddafi, but not no more due to the US and EU which succeeded in ruining it. May more and more people come to know this and realize the wrong that was done and bow not to let it happen again. May most Americans will come to know the corruption and greediness of our own government

john revel
4 months ago
Simba B the accusations of Barack Obama to Gaddafi is false accusations, Fabricated and malicious, the purpose is to kill gaddafi and take over his central bank, 141 metric tons of Gold and petrol gas, because Gaddafi petrol gas Worth only 14 cent per later the cheapest in the world.and the libyan central bank not owned or control by Rothschild
Craig Newton-(ME) The Rothschilds own the worlds banks, they have financed both sides of conflict until Trump. All of this hate is created by Fake News from them. They have murdered every Christian US President so far. "The Hunger Games" is about them vs us. But America has a secret weapon against them.
9 months ago (edited)
This is how the U.S. and the Western press is portraying the new Philippine President. Anybody who is against U.S. interest are eliminated. They do it against powerless country. They want all Nations to bow to them. The only Nations who can stand up against the U.S. are China and Russia and yet they are portrayed as the bad guy by the Western press

9 months ago
Oh, please, the reason of Qaddafi was killed because he was about to replace the dollar as the source to purchase oil from his country. He was planning to align himself with four other oil producing countries and together they will create their own currency. If you want to purchase oil from them. The world's elite doesn't want any part of it. The US (NWO puppet) was ordered to kill Qaddafi by the elites. You see all countries who will purchase oil must change their currency to the US dollars. US dollars is the currency as the world reserved

Clifford M
9 months ago
As a former Democrat and was being a die-hard supporter, I really know that they are NOT for the people BUT for the elites, oligarchs, uber rich, shrewd politicians, etc...
The Saudis & Qatar doesn't want to make Libya a progressive & sovereign country because they can't get oil anymore.
Gaddafi just want a peaceful, progressive, loving country...
He hates drugs, criminals, corrupt, rapists, scums of society, etc....
So, how come he's the bad guy?
It's Obama & Hillary helped those other countries to kill him and make Libya suffer a lot from it.
That's why, we really don't get it, why this people still believing to evil Obama & Hillary.
Have a great day & GOD bless y'all

Ruth Laurente
9 months ago
USA wants only the Riches of the Land (middle east) they want to control the world, thats y they study how to ruin the king or President so that the People hate their king, they are doing now to President Duterte, they talked about EJK to take the attention of the pilipinos and hate The President...OBAMA IS A SON OF THE DEVIL

Alonto Santican
9 months ago
Obama accusation for Khadaffi is totally false because he is so much love by the people of Lybia. He has totally transformed Lybia to a most improved and developed countries. He can just be dictated by the USA that is why they hated Khadaffi and killed him. So what happen after lossing Khadaffi, the country is in shambles and anarchy, infrastructure were totally destroyed, thousands of people died including the killing of the American Ambassador. Look at the cries of the masses anti rethoric with the Americans.

Bingku Xyavong
9 months ago
This is like how the U.S also had a Secret War in Laos during the Vietnam war. The American continue to kill many generation of family and home to our motherland from ever develop progressively in peace. America has destroy and bomb our country to unlivable landscape today

9 months ago
watching this made me see the real world we live in... my heart break to see these innocent children dying protesting for peace for their country... we as the people of american should wake up, we have a voice, think about if we are in there shoe... this is to much... I wish that everyone(world) can watch this video.. be aware of what going to the world... do not just listen to what you see in media but do alot reseach of both side and then u judge

Jannithe Isabel Villar Sundal
9 months ago
I wish this idiot OBAMA pay what he did, TO THE HUMANITY..

Jing Tigre
Jing Tigre
9 months ago (edited)
I thought Obama was a good guy, but judging by what I see... He's pure evil!

I Support National School Choice Week And…

School Choice Only Option For Nevada
School Choice Only Option For Nevada's Failed Schools

I spent today with "American's For Property" at the National School

Carson City School Choice Rally
Donna Wix, NV EDU PROGRAMS, and me at Carson City School Choice Rally

Choice  Rally at the Nevada Capitol. What an exciting event! These private and charter school kids love school.  Nevada Conservatives have fought with Democrats for years to give parents CHOICE. This should be the biggest item on the Nevada Legislature for 2017 as Nevada education ranks lowest of all 50 states. It's embarrassing! And I think every parent would be ashamed if they knew. It's strikingly obvious to outsiders but Nevadans are the frogs now in boiling water and about to die.

"Nevada Policy Research Institute Communications Director Michael Schaus issued the following statement:

The support parents have shown for these Silver State events — not to mention the overwhelming support we’ve seen demonstrated by the more than 8,000 parents who’ve signed up for Education Savings Accounts — should send a clear signal to lawmakers ahead of the 2017 legislative session:

Parents want real choice."

"The right for families, not bureaucrats or politicians, to make the decisions that best fit their educational needs is now one step closer to reality in the Silver State."

Here is my video of these excited kids. The song for the National School Choice Week 2017 dance is “Can't Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. The dance was put on YouTube. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN IT) Millions of alternate schools kids learned it for this whole week of events.

After 35+ years in Law Enforcement I became a Substitute Teacher for Washoe County Schools. Our youngest son Jakob had three years left of high school and my wife Julie teaches, so why not? I didn't like public schools and found that most teachers don't like it either. There are many, many, many teacher positions that are not filled every day. The kids are undisciplined. I mean after retiring from State Corrections I realized that public schools are where criminals are produced because public schools won't discipline. They can't, because to justify their absolute failure they produce one good statistic, graduation rates. But to get those graduation rates they make school, especially high school, a complete joke for all but few AP and IB International Baccalaureate Programme students. That means that 400,000 students are being completely left behind. And if it couldn't be any worse...check this out.
America Is Dead Last In This Educational RankingBy Erin Wildermuth