Kris Ann Hall 4 Reno


If you see what the Left is doing; how they are blocking and controlling the Trump White house, how they bring up completely phony accusations to keep the Trump Team so busy putting out fires that we can't get to the truth about what was really going on. These are "THE GAMES CRIMINALS PLAY". I learned this from Correctional Training and Experience at San Quentin State Prison. The Trump Team needs us to change the narrative and get Democrats on the defensive.
I'm convinced that Obama had those 89 Russian agents quickly leave the US after Trump's amazing win because they were working with the Democrat Party, with Obama/Clinton and Schumer/Reid to set up those Russian agents as Regional CZARS to replace every governor. B.O. had to get them out quick so they couldn't be charged with espionage, tried and spilling the truth. I mean the left has managed to murder everyone so far who might tell, but 89 Russian agents! Let's investigate everyone who had something going on with them!

Kris Ann, constitutional attorney, prosecutor, pastor's wife and teacher will share many historical facts where We The People have taken back our government. Please watch, share and if you are near Carson City, Reno or Susanville you need to hear her.

Her schedule is:
Wednesday June 14 at the Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) held at Reno's King Buffet, 3650 Kietzke lane at 11 AM
Wednesday evening Susanville TEA Party Event 7 PM Pizza Factory
Thursday June 15 in Luncheon Graeagle, CA
Thursday evening Chester Elks Lodge

Kris Ann Hall 4 Reno
Kris Ann, a real Constitutional attorney, will be at the Conservative Talk Lunch (CTL) on June 14, 2017 11 AM. There is no cover charge. If the info she presents was taught in Schools Americans would be the most educated people. Don't miss this. Recorded with