Colin Powell: Finally Someone Says “CLINTON MAFIA”

The Millennial Academy where Patriots become Full-Time Professionals. To Make America Great Again. I'm praying for this stuff. Praying that the enemy is defeated. And the enemy as Colin Powell says it, is "THE CLINTON MAFIA" or as others say, "THE CLINTON CRIME FAMILY" It's time, MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and Trump.

Donald J. Trump is trying to bring REAL PROSPERITY to Minorites

Hundreds of Black Leaders are fighting with Donald J Trump against the lies and oppression of their Democrat and Black Slave Drivers (drivers were slaves themselves. A driver might be convinced by a master to manage the slaves for better privileges.) There are hundreds of these slave drivers, most notably Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and of course Barack Obama. Just remember how Obama surrendered leadership to Hillary Clinton during Benghazi and how he allowed her to enrich herself as Secretary of State. And the evidence that Obama has does nothing for blacks except increase their ignorance demonstrates that he has been working for white supremacist as a slave driver his whole life.
Hispanics and Native Americans have the same traitors. I don't know what they are called because these groups are still ignorant of their oppressors.
I am encouraged though that Millennials like my Native American niece are seeing the truth.

Millennials for Trump
Millennials for Trump

Donald J Trump is the only one I can remember who has spoken against the 'establishment' that I believe is the greatest evil on the earth today. I see the Clintons as  the two beasts that are aligned with the dragon (Devil) in opposition to God. They persecute the "saints" and those who do "not worship the image of the beast" and influence the kings of the earth to gather for the battle of Armageddon.[1]  mentioned in Revelation 19:18-20.

You can help destroy these oppressors by becoming a highly paid Professional Patriot like RUSH, Hannity and others. The grassroots has to become so visible that the media cannot ignore us.  God has given us the tools to get heard.  We will make a difference, a huge difference as we overwhelm the corrupt media and elect true Americans who will really fight to Make America Great Again. Join The Millennial Academy.

Organize, Train and Get Paid to Win!
Organize, Train and Get Paid to Win! And let's make America great again.