Okay I'll excuse Mark Cuban for giving a nod to Hillary for president over Donald Trump because I think the guy spends a lot more time thinking about the Mavericks winning and about business than he does in politics.
His appearance on The Kelly File shows that he doesn't watch Megyn Kelly. Otherwise he would have known that Hillary orchestrated the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other people at Benghazi. Yes I'm saying she orchestrated it.
There is a long list of people murdered by the Clintons to cover up they're enormous crimes. I suspect the Clintons are involved in drugs and arms trafficking throughout Europe. I think Ambassador Stevens was discovering how the Clintons caused the fall of Libya to start a training ground for Isis who would buy weapons. Ford Motor Company selling arms to both sides before World War II

Vets On Capitol Hill Politics


On of the great highlights of my life meeting federal legislators or staff who seem greatly concerned with how behemoth and unresponsive the federal government is.
I am proud to be fighting with CV4A to bring it down. Like the A.I. Matrix, the VA is fighting for its life rather than for the veterans it is suppose to serve. But finding it's vulnerability has proven difficult.

Fighting Behemoth Government with Vets On The Hill

Gene and I with Rachel Provost at Congressman Amodei's, The Awesome Congresswoman Joni Ernst, Glenna Smith at Nevada Senator Heller's, and me with kick butt, CV4A leaders Darin Selnick the Executive Director of CVA’s Fixing Veterans Health Care Taskforce and Tal Coley. These are some of the best people I've worked with. They are a privately funded group truly helping veterans. They subscribe to Market Based Management where you get the job done or you're fired. Fighting men and women, like myself, as a cop of 33 years, survived dangerous duty planning, executing and winning or we wouldn't be here.
Unfortunately, veterans and democratic enslaved communities are suffering under socialist based management.
Helping CV4A is the best way to Make America Great Again. Please join us at "Tour of Duty" this Friday June 10th 6 p.m. at the Peppermill in Reno for a fabulous banquet and introduction to Concerned Veterans for America , all privately funded, no cost to you

Watch “Cavuto | Cody McGregor calls Sec. McDonald’s comments “disgusting”” on YouTube

I'm in Washington DC with Cody McGregor and Concerned Veterans for America.
Tomorrow we're going to visit legislators on Capitol Hill at their offices to push legislation that would not only reduce the bureaucratic waste butt, also try to pull their heads out of government and towards the private sector. Making America great again.
Please join Cody McGregor Fox News commentator at the Reno Peppermill Friday night June 10th at 6 p.m. for a fabulous Tour of Duty banquet free to all my social media friends